Rebecca Louise Law and the Toledo Museum of Art save summer
July 11, 2018

Rebecca Louise Law and the Toledo Museum of Art save summer

Hanging flowers

Super fun day today with my boys. It's summertime and we simply need to get out of the house. Days are running together and weekends mean nothing when we are in full summer mode. Fornite is running the roost with my boys and their friends and this mom is done!!!

Fingers crossed I'm not the only one experiencing the Bermuda Triangle that is summer. When I sat down with my two boys this morning to ask them what they wanted to do together today, I gave them three options: go on a hike, go to the Zoo or go to the Toledo Museum of Art (notice how none of them were Fortnite -insert evil villain laugh). They picked Art!!!! My mom heart almost jumped out of my chest because first of all they BOTH agreed (with no arguing -ikr - that's a miracle in its self) and secondly they said they really really wanted to see the "flower strings" exhibit (that's what they called it). The exhibit is by British artist Rebecca Louise Law. So we got in the car, picked up grandma and headed on over.

Art Day

It was simply stunning to see in person, and truly a labor of love with over 1800 volunteer hours of assistance from community members to string all the flowers together. Check it out if you're ever in the area! I feel like I earned my mom points for the day. Now we're home and time to take a nap and read books.
-♥ Katy