Limiting Beliefs
April 11, 2019

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefsThere are so many tiny victories along the path to our audacious goals. I have been creating jewelry since 1997. Mainly my work between 1997 until 2014 was beaded creations however, I always gasped in amazement at metalsmithed pieces. I started to learn metalsmithing in 2003 and was on track for a year in hooning my skills however chose to step back because my husband returned from war and we were ready to start growing our family. Before I started to learn metalsmithing I would look at other artists work and would think "I could never do that!" Limiting beliefs... I know.... Finally in 2015 after graduating from a super fun, year-long jewelry focused mastermind and redefining my creative outlook, I dived back into learning metalwork. It continues to be a labor of love filled with, at times, costly trial and error, and time spent overcoming fears. Each milestone has been well worth. I still have A TON to learn but I continue to challenge myself. What has been your limiting belief? and if you haven't sat down to do some internal work on yourself about the subject, it is a wonderful path to be on. 
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