The right piece of jewelry definitely will complete a chic outfit, but the right jewelry care is what will keep your sterling silver jewelry happy, shiny and damage free and ready every time you need them. Yes, sterling silver jewelry needs some tender loving care too to make them last a lifetime and to keep the tarnishing monster at bay. This Jewelry Care Cleaning Guide will show how that can be done in three simple steps: Cleaning, Caring and Storing

1.) Cleaning your Sterling Silver Jewelry :

Regularly cleaning sterling silver jewelry will preserve the original appearance of your silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

  • Clean them right after use by wiping off perspiration, make up and other elements with a cotton cloth before putting them back in your jewelry box.
  • As needed, give them a rinse in dip liquid cleaner. I recommend and personally use using Connoisseurs Silver Cleaner (Liquid Dip). You can grab a jar for around $5 to $6 at the jewelry counter of most major retail chains.
  • Cleaning sterling silver jewelry with silver cleaner is a breeze. Place your silver jewelry in the tray that comes provided. Dunk it in and out for only a few seconds then rinse in lukewarm water until the soapy cleaning solution feels completely gone. Finally, pat dry with a cotton cloth and you’re done!
  • Steer clear of household substitutes like ultrasonic cleaners, ammonia or other improvised chemical cleaners. They might do your sterling silver jewelry more harm than good.
  • NEVER immerse antiqued finished (blackened effect) silver pieces or freshwater pearls in the silver cleaner. It will instantly strip the pieces of all finishes and this is irreversible. Swarovski Glass pearls CAN however be cleaned safely in the silver cleaner.

2.) Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewelry :

Part of jewelry care is learning when to put on or take off your sterling silver accessories to prevent corrosion as well as damage.

  • Put them on last - meaning after you’re done applying lotion, make up, hair styling product and perfume to protect them from these sometimes harsh chemicals.
  • Take off your silver jewelry before swimming, going to the spa or a mineral spring, or doing household chores where it may come in contact with chlorine, salt water, or cleaning agents.
  • Be sure to remove all jewelry before engaging in any sports activities, bathing and before sleeping.

3.) Storing your Sterling Silver Jewelry :

  • DO NOT store your sterling silver jewelry on top of your dresser or bathroom vanities. Precious metals naturally oxidize when exposed to the air, and keeping it out in the open will accelerate the process. Can't stress this step enough.
  • Store your jewelry in a jewelry box where it is less likely to move around and get damaged. An anti tarnishing lined  jewelry box  is ideal (Google it, Yes they are out there, and are AWESOME!) or an air tight plastic zip top bag.

Thanks for taking time to read my Jewelry Care Cleaning Guide. These are but a handful of simple reminders and if you will apply them, they can make your favorite sterling silver jewelry last a long time. Don't forget to print out your FREE PDF guide to have as a handy reference. If you think any of your friends might benefit from this guide, feel free to share the love by posting this page to your PINTEREST boards or FACEBOOK walls. More the merrier is my motto :) 

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