metalsmith katy mimsMY MANTRA: When designing a new piece of jewelry, I'm always envisioning the wearer... When will she wear this? Why will she wear this? My belief when it comes to accessorizing with South Paw Studios jewelry is you never need an excuse. Don’t save it in your jewelry box, don’t pull it out only for date night… wear it now. Don’t wait for a special occasion… Because you are you and that is what makes it special enough to wear today and every day.

Inspiration: I gather my eclectic design style from my love for experimentation. My jewelry designs are on the spectrum from minimalist clean lines to boho style all the way to statement edgy pieces. I try not box myself in with one particular design theme. I am always experimenting with new materials, new techniques, and new tools. I soak up inspiration from many areas in my life. I LOVE modern architecture, watercolor painting, macro photography and fabric dyeing. I want each piece to be a representation of the wearers' current mood that they slipped on for the day whether it's their playful inner child or the rebellious anarchist.

The History of South Paw Studios: Growing up in a home with both artistic and creative parents, it was a given that it was in my DNA to become an artist. As a small child and throughout my teenage years, I dabbled in everything from ceramics, batiking, silk dying, too watercolor, sewing and photography, but it was jewelry design where I found a good niche, although my love for photography is a close second.

My passion for jewelry design started in 1997 when my father, a glass blower and business owner, gave me a book on jewelry making. I started crafting little treasures for my friends and family, and slowly things started to sell. It was then that I knew I was onto something. In 2001 I decided to take a chance and created South Paw Studios™. Thanks to an exceptionally encouraging husband and loving family I was able to quit my day job to focus my attention 100% on collection design. 

It was a dream come true - and still is. Now I have been in the jewelry business almost 22 years and counting. I am mainly self-taught but did study basic metal-smithing through the Toledo Museum of Art. Over the years my business has grown to be represented in fine galleries and boutiques. I am continuously evolving and stay up to date on the latest trends, newest color palette combinations, and finest materials available in the industry.  






Katy Mims is supported in part by 2024 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds allocated by the City of Toledo and the Lucas County Commissioners and administered by The Arts Commission. The Arts Commission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1959 to foster Toledo’s heritage in the arts. The organization is the longest-standing arts commission in the state of Ohio, serving youth, artists, arts organizations, and the general public. Since 1977, The Arts Commission has managed the City of Toledo’s One Percent for Art program, the first in the state of Ohio and among the first in the nation, and maintains Toledo’s impressive collection of public art.


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