February Amethyst birthstone earrings
February 16, 2023

All About Amethyst and the February Birthstone

February has arrived and with it comes the month’s birthstone, amethyst. Not only is amethyst a stunning gemstone, but it is also associated with two zodiac signs: Aquarius and Pisces. This makes amethyst an even more special symbol for this time of year. Let’s take a closer look at why February babies should love their birthstone.

What is Amethyst?  Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that can range in color from pale lilac to deep purple. The stone has been used throughout history as a symbol of wealth and power, which makes it the perfect gift for February babies! The vibrant color of amethyst was believed to be especially appealing to royalty in ancient times, leading many rulers to use it to decorate their crowns and scepters. Today, people often wear amethyst jewelry as a reminder of their inner strength and courage.

Why Aquarius & Pisces Love Amethyst  As the February birthstone, amethyst is associated with two zodiac signs: Aquarius and Pisces. People born under these signs tend to be creative thinkers who are highly intuitive and sensitive to their environment, making them natural allies for this brilliant purple gem. Additionally, both zodiac signs are associated with water—the element that gives life—which further connects them with the energy of this unique stone.

Amethysts Everywhere!  Whether you’re born in February or not, there are plenty of ways to show your love for this incredible gemstone. From classic pieces like rings or necklaces to more modern designs like earrings or bracelets (or even hair accessories!), there’s no shortage of ways to rock an amethyst-inspired look all year round! If you’re looking for something special that will last forever, consider investing in some high-quality gemstones or handmade jewelry pieces featuring gorgeous amethysts set in sterling silver or gold settings for an extra luxurious touch!

There's no denying it; amethysts are truly one-of-a-kind gems that deserve recognition all year round! With its unique blend of beauty, power, and creativity, anyone born under the Aquarius or Pisces zodiac signs would be lucky indeed to have an item made from one of these incredible stones close by them at all times!