January 28, 2014

Murano glass jewelry top color picks for fall

Spring Collection 2014 : Queen of Hearts

Inspiration behind the spring / summer collection

My father has been a glass blower since 1980, exposing and cultivating my love for glass, in all its forms, at a very young age.

I instantly was drawn to Venetian glass beads with its eye catching inner glow. The little baubles are rich in history dating back to 1291 on the Italian island of Murano where the luxury beads were exclusively made.

The island was a perfect location. If a fire were to break out, it would be secluded to the island only. Plus, the secrecy of their glass trade was able to be closely monitored. (Even today their methods are secrets, passed down for generations like private family recipes.)

It was so exclusive, in fact, that the glassmakers weren’t allowed to leave the Republic without forfeiting their permit to practice the trade of Murano glass making. If they did leave, they were never allowed to return. But, the glass artisans were immune from prosecution and were important members of society, often marrying off their daughters into Venice’s most prominent families. This fun fact is especially amusing to me because if my dad would have been a Venetian glass artisan back then, I would’ve been married to a wealthy figure of society!

Color Crush for:

Murano glass jewelry collection All four main colors that I chose, Magenta, Cayenne Red, Freesia and Dazzling blue for spring and summer I felt are the stand outs of the season. They will transition seamlessly into fall, making these accessories a staple in your wardrobe for year round wear.