October 07, 2013

A Stylist Secret for Runway Worthy Looks

Printable Color Wheel guide

Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s outfit? Oftentimes it isn’t just one piece that catches your eye – it’s how the whole outfit looks together as an ensemble. Then you wonder how they even thought to put those pieces together. Today I am going to draw back that curtain and share this simple stylist secret that you can implement today! It’s all about the Color Wheel.

What is the Color Wheel?

The Color Wheel is a tool used in basic color theory by stylists, designers and artists to create color schemes. It’s basically a circle that resembles the Wheel of Fortune spinner, segmented into colors, but organized with the most similar colors being beside one another. Colors of the opposite shade reside on the other side of the wheel. Colors neighboring on the wheel are called Harmonizing Colors (like red, burgundy and maroon), and colors on opposite sides of the wheel are called Complementary Colors (like blue and orange, or purple and yellow).

Styling With Jewelry

blue and yellow contrasting colors

Let’s put the Color Wheel into action. What color necklace would you first think to wear with a navy blue suit? Light blue? Instead of a harmonizing color like that, I challenge you to go to the other side of the Color Wheel and select something like yellow or coral. Complementary color schemes are what people notice, because the contrast is so vivid. Trust the Color Wheel and don’t over-think it, it’s such a great, often over looked, fashion tool.

A Versatile Tool

Complementary colors aren’t limited to just jewelry. With winter coming, complementary colors would look fantastic when pairing a scarf with your turtleneck, or having a fun color pop on a cuff peeking out from under a coat. This can also apply to your shoes or purses. If you wear glasses, consider your frames. Make them part of your outfit. Don’t just let them fade away. Have fun with it!

Color Your World

redThe Color Wheel can also be applied to home décor. A great complementary color combo is red and turquoise. My bathroom is all decked out in this lovely color partnership, and I'm always getting compliments on it! I also adopted complementary colors in my previous home by planting yellow and purple tulips in my yard. People loved it and would always say they’d never think to put those two colors together. Look to the Color Wheel, my friends!

turquoiseSo now you know a big stylist secret. Apply the Color Wheel to your wardrobe. You’ll love it. If you find a great complementary color scheme for your outfit, please share! Take a picture, upload it to Pinterest and tag me in it. Want to share your expertise with your friends? Re-Pin this to your fashion board to share. For more tips on styling, subscribe to my Tuesday’s Trends email below.