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Get the Look : Ruby and Champagne Fashion

Ruby and Champagne casual style



A great soft tank with a swooping necklace is my stable "go to" item in my closet. Seriously, I have almost every color you can imagine. It is SO versatile and never goes out of fashion. I am not one that jumps on fashion trendy band wagons since honestly, I am not made out of money so I always feel that investing in these items are a safe pick.

The champagne / rose gold hue of the tank is my first item that I started with to create this collection. I feel it is the rock that holds it all together. And paired with worn skinny jeans; you simply can't go wrong. 

The jewelry is in rose gold as well with a hint of Ruby in the earrings and necklace. The arms are left pretty bare so I felt that a heavy bracelet in rose gold was needed. Topped off with rose gold framed shades and a fun "boyfriend" inspired hat. The Valentino studded leather handbag is the big splurge item in this outfit, but oh so delicious and timeless.  

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