June 12, 2013

Little girls adore pearls... and Grow up to love them!

South Paw Studios pearl jewelry I remember the day my love for pearls started… I was 17 years old and at an art show with my mom, dad and beloved grandmother. The annual tradition was my grandmother would let me pick out something special from one of the artist's booth as an early birthday gift for myself. This particular time, my eye was instantly drawn to this pair of white pearl earrings and ring set. I knew right away when I saw the pieces that there was no need to look any further. I eagerly showed my grandmother my finds. She looked up at me with a surprised looked, grinned and said “You know you are becoming a woman when you start to want pearls”.  

Looking back at this, she was SO right! Up until that point I never gave pearls a second glance, however there was a shift that occurred in me that evening, and my grandmother was so delighted to be present to witness it.

My grandmother and grandfather (in love ♥)A few months later, on my 18th birthday, I unwrapped my grandmother's gift with anticipation and immediately put my new jewelry on with pride. 16 years later, I have the set (pictured above, on top left) safely stored in my jewelry armoire (yes, I need an armoire cuz I have SO much jewelry). Sadly, 5 years later my grandmother (pictured on the right with my grandfather - married 50+ years!) passed away, but her memory lives on each and every time I wear the pearl jewelry she got me that day and I happily remember what she said to me. 

I have since learned a great deal of the history behind pearls and how to be a smart pearl shopper. Being a smart shopper means knowing the pearl grading system (3 easy steps) so I can confidently spot less then stellar quality pearls and easily pick out the show stoppers.

Click here to learn how to be a smart pearl shopper + Learn the 3 step Freshwater Pearl Grading System.

Freshwater pearl jewelry Do you have a pleasant memory about pearls, or given someone the gift of pearls that they loved? Leave a comment below telling me about it :)