June 04, 2013

What Small Business Saturday means to me

Entrepreneurs are a fascinating breed of people to me. It takes courage to break out of the everyday work force and commit to doing what you love instead. 

I fell SO blessed, everyday, to be able to wake up and walk into my jewelry studio with a smile on my face and be home with my young boys at the same time.

Yes, some days my hands are more sore than others, but it is always worth it. It truly fills my heart with gratitude every time a South Paw Studios piece of jewelry finds a new home. 

Small businesses everywhere (not just mine) keep our lights on because you decided to step out of the big box stores and opt for the "not so traditional gift" made by the "not so traditional person".

Your continued dedication to "buying handmade" makes dreams come true everyday for entrepreneurs such as myself. 

Your patronage to South Paw Studios ensures that I can continue to provide for my family.

I'm not a billionaire CEO who wants to buy another yacht... I am a wife, mom, and artist to the core who is humbled and forever grateful to you.

Thank you for choosing my 'Small Business' for Small Business Saturday this holiday season.