August 12, 2015

Back to School Supplies for Lefties

August 13th is National Left Hander's Day. I’m a lefty, which is where the “South Paw” in Studios gets its name. That being the case, it’s only fitting to mark this esteemed observance with a back-to-school supplies list for lefties.

When I was in school, spiral bound notebooks and scissors made for righties were never my friends. And whether I used a pen or a pencil, I smudged my handwriting across the page, leaving an ever present black stain on the side of my left hand. Luckily, your left-handed child can thrive in school with today’s specially made products.

Back-to-School Supplies for Lefties

Lefty scissors -- Scissors for southpaws have the left blade on top, allowing a clean cut and a clear view of the cutting line for the left-hander. Let your child’s inner Matisse come out to play with a stack of colorful construction paper and Lefty’s Left Hand Kid Scissors.

Lefty pens and pencils -- Where were these “Lefties Do It Right!” smearproof pencils when I was a school aged kid? My hands and clothes would have been so much cleaner! In addition to those helpful pencils, these colorful, soft, left-handed pencil grips are engineered to help lefty children adopt the most ergonomic writing position. These are great tools for young children.

In addition, curved pens allow left-handers to see what they are writing, while also preventing ink smudges and hand cramping. The pens come in a set that includes black and blue ink.

Pencil sharpener -- Left-handed pencil sharpeners have a reverse blade that allows southpaws to hold a pencil in the left hand and turn clockwise -- a natural movement for lefties. This might not be a must-have item, but at under $3 bucks, it’s an inexpensive, nice addition to a pencil box.

Lefties Rock

Spiral Bound Notebooks -- No more smeared papers, sore arms or wrists. Spiral notebooks for southpaws have the coil on the right. These spiral notebooks for left handers are college ruled and sold in individual 6 packs. Or, if you have a younger child, check out these wide ruled spiral notebooks for lefties. Top spiral notebooks are also a great alternative for lefties.

Left handers pride clothing -- Finally, pick up a lefty pride T-shirt for your youngster with slogans like “Lefties Rock”, “Left Handed Girls are Rare” and “I’m Left Handed, What’s Your Super Power?”. Not only do these shirts celebrate your child’s uniqueness, but they’re bound to be conversation starters too.

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