January 02, 2015

Choose Desired Feelings First to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

What are the things you want most in 2015? Why do you want these things or experiences? If you dig past the surface answers, and into the root cause, it’s most likely because you believe actualizing these desires will make you feel a certain way.

Sometimes the things we think we want won’t deliver on the promise of what we most want to feel. So instead of choosing first what we think we want, it’s a powerful practice to first pinpoint the feelings we want to experience.

As the year winds down, and I make my 2015 Resolutions, I’m doing just that -- allowing how I want to feel dictate what I choose to strive for. Feelings first, and reverse engineer from that starting point.

So, what do you want to feel in the New Year? Here’s a list of ideas to help you get started on your desired feelings for 2015

Health -- Do you want to feel strong? Perhaps it’s time to join a gym and commit to a weekly workout plan. How would it be to feel vibrant and full of energy? Eating more fresh foods, or perhaps juicing vegetables and fruits might be in your future. Do you want to feel sexy? Actively notice what’s beautiful about you, workout if necessary and dress in clothing and jewelry that makes you feel lovely and desirable. For me, yes there are a few pounds I would like to lose, however this year I am not going to make it about the "number" that the scale reads. Instead I am going to focus on achieving the feeling of being comfortable and confident in my clothes. Whatever my weight is makes no difference, it is the feeling that is most desired.

Home -- If your house feels chaotic and you desire a peaceful haven, maybe it’s time to get on a daily cleaning plan, declutter or hire a maid. Do you want to be surrounded by beauty? Get rid of anything that isn’t pleasing to the eye or doesn’t hold special value. Then, only bring in items that you absolutely love.

Personal expression -- Do you want to feel fully self-expressed? Maybe you’re holding back from the way you would really dress, wear your hair or communicate. If in your core being, you’re a rocker chick but you dress like a buttoned up business executive, perhaps it’s time to shop for a new outfit that represents the real you. Or maybe you need to finally communicate your truth, be it with a loved one or with society. Say what you must, do your art and don’t hold back! This is a big one for me at this time in my life and artistic journey.

Relationships -- Do you want to feel accepted, loved, adored or cherished? Bestow love and adoration on the people you want to receive from. The more you give, the more you’ll get in return.

South Paw Studios in 2015

In the coming year, one of the things I want is to feel that South Paw Studios embodies more of my true personal expression and authentic self. So, on South Paw’s social media pages, you’ll find more personal posts about wine, film, art, spiritualism and music -- things near and dear to my heart. In 2015, you’ll also notice new edgy and modern designs cropping up in my jewelry collections. There also is a few surprises I am hoping to share this coming fall (to be continued...)

I’m SO looking forward to sharing more of my self and these things with you. I feel it is time to let my light shine even brighter and let go of fear and embrace my authentic artistic voice even more than I have in the past. Not sure what will come to the surface but whatever it is, it is a part of me that I have to share with you. I am so honored and humbled to be on this journey.