September 01, 2014

Boho Style Secrets with the Bali Nights Collection

With summer here, free spirited warm weather days are simply divine.

With accessorizing on my mind, I am thrilled to present my latest jewelry collection called Bali Nights. My new jewelry line is dotted with intricately patterned Bali beads, along with cool green, yellow and natural rock crystals. While Bali beads have popped up in my past collections, boho style -- with its wildly diverse patterns and layering -- inspired this fresh new selection.

If you’re like me, you'll like Boho style too, but it might seem tricky to pull off. I don’t want to look like a 1960's blast from the past, and I’m guessing you don’t either. Read on for tips to look boho chic, not boho bleak...

Boho chic styling tips


With boho style practically anything goes. The very meaning of the word bohemian is “wild, unconventional, eccentric and artistic.” But that doesn’t mean you have to look boho from head to toe. The secret to boho chic style is to carefully curate the look.

Boho StyleHow to wear it: Start by shopping for gypsy-esq staple pieces: both tops, bottoms, jewelry and shoes. Mix and match a patterned boho piece with simple solids, boho kicks and jewelry. For example, you could pair a well cut white top with wide legged paisley-print pants or a patterned kimono with a black top and skinny jeans. And don’t forget to layer on the jewelry.

Also, keep in mind boho doesn’t have to look cheap. Look for elegant cuts and fabrics to elevate your style. And shop for solids with interesting details and cuts.

Clothing styles: Look for burnout lacy tops, oversized knit sweaters, shawls and kimonos, babydoll dresses and peasant tops. Gypsy-esq patterns include the quintessential boho staple, tye dye, as well as patchwork anything, loose floral prints, paisleys and embroidered embellishments.

Shoes: A pair of tall, brown leather boots is a must have. Keep your eyes open for patchwork boots or kicks with a medieval twist, like an embossed coat of arms, tassels or aged buckles.


Jewelry: Finally, you can’t forget the jewelry. Boho style wouldn’t be complete without it. More is definitely a must with this look. Layer several necklaces of varying lengths, so they cascade from the apple of your neck either to or past the bustline. A simple pair of Bali bead earrings will add to the look. And if you want even more jewelry, slide on a ring or two.

Wandering into fall and winter: The look of wanderlust carried into Fall reminds me to never lose the free spirited vibe we embraced in the days of summer. I look forward to the change of season. Soon we’ll transition from the beach and swimming pool to times spent with friends, under the stars, communing around wilderness bonfires as they throw flicks of embers into the inky black night.

While warming myself by the fire, I plan to layer not just my clothing, but my jewelry too. That’s the fun of gypsy style. You can make it your own.

View the Bali Nights collection here, and let me know in the comments what boho style looks like to you. If you liked this blog post, please stay in touch and sign up for my newsletter below.