July 01, 2014

You might be a Geek if...

Geek: noun \ˈgēk\

The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult.

This is the Urban Dictionary meaning anyway.

In honor of National Geek Day, on July 13th, I’ll admit to being a geek. I can’t go anywhere without my phone and will shop a phone cover to death to find the coolest one that speaks to my soul.

I love bragging about how my hubby and I have syncing Google Calendars … total geeks and proud! I’m captivated by sci-fi movies, special effects makeup and costume design. Favorite geeky shows at the moment are SyFy’s “Face Off” and “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop”.

I can talk about “Back to the Future” and time travel for hours (fascinating subject). And I believe “The Matrix” is one of the best trilogies out there. I pick up on something new everytime I watch it!

I personally think we all have a bit of a geeky side. What’s yours? Read on to find out if you speak geek.

YOU might be a geek if you …

  1. Check your website’s traffic stats obsessively. Whether it’s Google Analytics or another stat counter, there’s nothing more geeky than monitoring metrics in your spare time.
  2. Know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I’m not sure what’s geekier, caring enough to Google “how to solve a Rubik’s Cube” or learning the steps to do it on command.
  3. Use a DSLR in manual mode. The average SLR camera owner shoots in Auto mode, but real geeks know their ISOs from their Apertures. I my aperture settings skills shine with the 60mm Macro Lense (drooling photos).
  4. Make your photos look super fab in Photoshop or GIMP. No way would a non-geek take the time to learn these robust programs. But thank goodness for geeks! Who else would erase that giant zit from our Facebook photos?
  5. Know exactly how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse. Your running shoes and baseball bat are perpetually by the door. If the walking dead rise up, you’ll be more than ready to fight the evil hordes.
  6. Angry Birds and get three stars. Watch out swine. You have mean gaming thumbs.
  7. Control your house using your phone. Control freak much? Smart thermostat, pet feeder and automatic coffee maker -- check. Nothing says home sweet home like a fully teched out, automated space. Now where’s my phone? Did I leave the flat iron on? This actually one of my husbands and mines upgrade that we are hoping to implement in the next month of so.
  8. Talk to plants to help them grow. The Myth Busters tested this one, and it’s totally plausible. So, yeah, talking to plants isn’t that weird. Besides, my desktop dinosaur plant can use all the help it can get.
  9. Waited in line for hours for a movie ticket or to get the latest tech gadget. Did you go to the midnight showings at every “Harry Potter” or "Star Wars" premiere … and wear a costume? Geek points for you, my friend.
  10. If the “Sssss” of a creeper gives you panic attacks (my 7 year old can relate to this one). Minecraft geeks will totally get this. Those of you who have ever spent hours building a base know how painful it is to have a creeper blow it up.

 I say we all have geekdom in some form or fashion. Wear it loud and wear it proud! Wave your geek flag and leave a comment about your techy self!