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Dressing with Hot 2013 Fall and Winter Houndstooth Print

Dressing with Hot 2013 Fall and Winter Houndstooth Print

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Ditch the complicated prints and “prep” yourself for the array of classics from houndstooth, pinstripes and plaids. If you’re anything like me and feel overwhelmed by overpowering prints, opt for smaller designs, or choose printed skirts with a solid colored top, jacket or cardigan.

I feel that wearing prints on the lower half and solid colors on the top gives the eye a place to rest and land; also as an added bonus it make your jewelry stand out. Items I LOVE are all shown below.

In another nod at royally sophisticated fashions, velvet fabrics have made a comeback to warm us all this season. And, here's one you might not have seen coming – turtlenecks! The now iconic signature style of Steve Jobs love for the simple black turtleneck made him one of the most recognized CEO's.


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