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Light Blue glass earrings, light blue Murano glass earrings

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Light blue glass earrings featuring murano glass dangles. The light blue Murano glass beads have a banding of 14K white gold lining inside which is one of the signature styles of venetian glass, giving these earrings an enchanting "glow". The murano glass is first crafted by hand by master craftsmans in Italy, then I take the bead and transform it into wearable delights. No two are alike.

Bead size: 11x5mm

Total length: 1 1/4 inches

Materials: Murano glass, sterling silver earwires.

About Murano Venetian glass: The Murano glass beads featured in our jewelry are made by master craftsmen in Italy. Each bead has a gilded interior of genuine 14K gold, appearing to shine from the inside out. No two are ever alike. These beads are true works of art.

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