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Acai purple Murano Venetian glass earrings

Purple Murano glass earrings featuring deep Acai purple-colored dangles. They dangle freely from lightweight sterling silver earwires and measure about 1.25 inches in length. The glass features a 14K white gold lining inside which is one of the signature styles of Venetian glass, giving these earrings an enchanting "glow".

Bead size: 0.5x0.5 inches
Earwire Options: (A) Regular earwire or (B.) options available.
Total length: 1.25 inches
Materials: Venetian glass, sterling silver

About Murano Venetian glass: The Murano glass beads featured in our jewelry are made by master craftsmen in Italy. Each bead has a gilded interior of genuine 14K gold, appearing to shine from the inside out. No two are ever alike. These beads are true works of art.

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