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Unisex sterling silver cuff bracelet hammered texture for men or women

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Hand formed thick walled unisex sterling silver unisex cuff bracelet. The bracelet is solid sterling silver with a 2mm (0.07 inches) thick x 5mm (0.19 inches) wide. Formed by hand featuring a hammered finish (each one will vary). 

Materials: Sterling silver

Bracelet sizes available:
SM : fits a 6.5 inch - 7 inch wrist
MD : fits a 7 inch - 7.5 inch wrist
LG : fits a 7.5 inch - 8 inch wrist

Sizing tip: The cuffs will have a 1 inch gap opening to slide the cuff easily on and off. The cuffs do have a little bit of "give" and can easily be pinched smaller OR widened to accommodate slight variations in wrist sizes. For example, I have a smaller wrist that measures 6 inches, so I wear the SM size and pinch the one inch gap to slightly tighten the cuff for a very comfortable fit. My husbands has an 8 inch wrist and wears the LG size and widens it slights for a comfortable fit.

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