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Sterling silver Toggle clasp 2 inch necklace extention

This is a sterling silver extension / extender for all your Toggle clasp necklaces. It measure 2 inches (including the toggle ends) in length.

I made this because my mother in law commented to me that she would likes to wear turtle necks and larger sweater in the colder months however her toggle clasp necklaces get a little snug when worn over them OR she likes a little added length. After listening to her needs and with some thought, the toggle necklace extender was born. Simply add the toggle and clasp to the clasp already on your necklace and whola, a more comfortable fit or added length if desired.

Bar is 21mm in length and the Ring is 12mm OD (outer diameter) and 9.5mm ID (inner diameter).



"Perfect! Saves me from having to buy another (longer) silver chain. - Cherie"

"Perfect length and very well made. This is so nice to have to lengthen my necklaces. Fast shipping.-Mia"
"This is perfect for extending a new necklace I have. I can't imagine where else I would have found it except on Etsy and for such a reasonable price!"

"You know how it is when you look at something on line and you think to yourself, "Is this REALLY what it looks like? Is it REALLY what I think it is?" And, "Will this REALLY work for me?" I took the leap of faith based on what little I know of sterling chains and I am DELIGHTED with what Katy sent me. It IS perfect, it IS what it looked like - it DOES work because of it being the larger toggle. And what is even better is that it gives me so many more options for some of my necklaces so that they can now be worn with my sweaters this winter! Thanks so much Katy!!!!"

"Lovely and so useful! - Gracie"

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