• May birthstone emerald earrings
  • May birthstone emerald earrings
  • May birthstone emerald earrings

May Birthstone Swarovski crystal earrings, Emerald


Product details

May birthstone earrings featuring shimmering Emerald Swarovski Austrian crystals. The Swarovski Emerald crystals have a great translucency and eye catching facets.

Bead size: 8mm

Total length: 1 inch

Materials: Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver earwires

About May's Birthstone: The gift of Emeralds symbolizes love and fidelity and is believed to bring peaceful dreams. The Incas and Aztecs regarded Emeralds as a "holy stone". Emeralds were Cleopatra's favorite stone. She was known to give visiting dignitaries large Emeralds carved with her likeness.  Emerald is the suggested gift for a 20th and 55th wedding anniversary.

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